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Our Services

Following are examples of services performed on behalf of our clients. Each client’s services are individually tailored to address their needs.


Collection of income and compliance with contracts
Payment of bills
Maintenance of all bookkeeping and accounting records
Placement of excess funds in short-term investments
Bill backs to studio for overhead term deals and specific projects
Pension Plan Accounting
Review film and music profit accountings from third parties for reasonableness and contractual compliance. Research issues with studios and record companies. Recommend audits where appropriate.
Review contracts in conjunction with client attorneys and advisors


Preparation of budgets
Preparation of monthly financial reports
Periodic cash receipts and disbursements reports
Periodic cash balance reports
Periodic financial meeting, which, if appropriate, includes:
Statement of Net Worth
Annual Earnings Requirement
Annual income and expense statements
Projected cash flow statements
Insurance schedules


Counseling regarding long-term investment strategy including asset allocation
Recommendation of investment advisors/money managers and monitoring their performance
General availability for consultation on all matters relating to finance and financial planning


Personal and corporate tax planning
Personal and corporate tax compliance
Preparation of individual, corporate, foundation, income, gift and trust tax returns
Representation with and before the IRS and/or other tax agencies
Preparation of business property and city business taxes
Preparation of sales and use tax returns
Preparation of multi-state payroll tax returns,1099’s andW-2’s


Oversee tour accountants and foreign tax accountants
Preparation of periodic budget and actual income and expense schedules
Obtain insurance coverage for nonappearance, commercial liability, third party property damage, equipment, wardrobe, foreign and domestic workers compensation and auto-interface with insurance agents concerning claims
Interface with the manager, agent, tour promoter, attorneys, tour manager and tour staff
Account for all income and expenses in accordance with contracts


Goal setting and monitoring
Consulting with client’s other advisors on estate and retirement planning


Review insurance periodically with insurance agents to ascertain recommended coverages and costs
Meet with client periodically to review insurance coverages
Insure new purchases as required
Obtain insurance quotes and renewals
Handle insurance claims
File medical claims


Acquisition, sale, improvement or lease of residential or commercial real estate including negotiating agreements with contractors, architects and real estate agents
Financing and/or refinancing of residential or commercial real estate
Purchase or sale of other real estate, automobiles, and other assets
Obtaining asset appraisals

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